Fandango and SHEPHERD FILTERS share the same belief that by offering bio-degradable and sustainable options for commercial kitchen exhaust systems we are helping not just ourselves but also the planet. Fandango also see the value in wool is not only bio-degradable and sustainable but also a fire retardant and simple to install and replace saving on costly kitchen hood cleaning and kitchen downtime.

Just a little bit about Fandango. Fandango is proud to be an important and inseparable part of restaurant services concerning collecting used oil and supplying consumable products. Fandango has been supplying services to restaurants all over the country since 1993. In 1997 Fandango became a unionized company. Today it serves more than 5000 kitchens all over Israel.

Fandango believes that personal service, full time availability, integrity and precise response is the reason for its success. Fandango chooses man power that is leading and qualified in the field, in order to always improve the service level. Fandango invests in advanced technology and data systems, today any of Fandangos clients can receive information and tools to contact Fandango headquarters or any of it’s service men.

Fandango will be happy to serve you at any time, and to add you to its list of kitchens who are donating significantly to the quality of the environment.