Daily Telegraph
January 26th, 2016

MORE than 100 people were evacuated from a CBD unit block after a restaurant fire sent smoke billowing through the city.

A small oil fire started in the kitchen of the Lynn Shanghai Cuisine restaurant on Castlereagh St, near Park St, at 11.30am Tuesday.

The amount of smoke the fire generated — which could bee seen rising through the city skyline — prompted a large response from firefighters.

Only a few staff were in the restaurant but it was fully booked for dinner Tuesday night.

No one was injured or treated for smoke inhalation.

The fire was brought under control within about half an hour but the kitchen suffered enough damage to close the restaurant for business.

Lynn Shanghai Cuisine restaurant owner Dennis Chair was in the kitchen when the blaze broke out.

“I used the extinguisher but it was too late, the fire took a few seconds,” Mr Chair said.

“The kitchen is only damaged a little bit, the roof.”

Firefighters said water on the fire did not help.

“It was the sprinkler’s water, not my water. I’ve got common sense. I got lucky but I got bad luck,” Mr Chair said.

NSW Fire and Rescue station officer Tony Camilleri said smoke was coming out from the roof of the building after oil in the kitchen had overheated.

The smoke travelled through vents making it appear the fire was at the top of the building.

“When oil burns it produces a lot of smoke,” Mr Camilleri said.

“When we worked out it was fire on the ground floor we stopped the evacuation process.”