News Updates – Restaurant Fires in Kitchens


We know that Shepherd Filters disposable oil and grease filters can keep your kitchen exhaust systems clean. Too often, kitchen exhaust systems are not properly maintained and metal grease filters become weighed down with excess grease over time, resulting in the metal filter becoming a huge fire risk and fire in kitchen exhausts becoming a reality.

Read the blog posts below to see restaurant fires in kitchens caused by grease in the kitchen filters, duct, hood and rooftop.

Fire Closes Steakhouse

A kitchen fire closes steakhouse at the Detroit MGM Steakhouse. The Wolfgang Puck restaurant is only one of the latest to suffer damages from a fire.

70 Rescued From Kitchen Blaze

A restaurant has been issued a warning after 70 rescued from kitchen blaze. Read more on the Shepherd Filters blog page, and feel free to reach out.