Poorly cleaned kitchen grease filters and hood/ canopy’s are the reason there have been so many fires lately in the Richmond restaurants says Vanessa Remmers from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

” A recent rash of restaurant fires in Richmond all had a common denominator: grease buildup and poor cleaning in the kitchen hood and canopy, in some cases as a result of a third-party cleaning company, according to the Richmond fire investigators.

In most of these locations, a cleaning company was called in, but it appears to us that they only cleaned part of the ductwork,” Richmond Fire Marshal David Creasy Sr. said. “It is very easy to clean the immediate area just above the cooking appliances and make someone think that the ductwork has been cleaned all the way to the exterior of the building. There is potential here for civil action by the restaurant owners.”

“Our chefs get on ladders every single night and clean the vents and bottom of our hood systems with deep cleans. Just like every restaurant, we leverage licensed and bonded third-party hood cleaners. Restaurants are required to contract for quarterly cleaning, yet Rappahannock contracted for our hoods to be cleaned every single month and had been cleaned 10 days prior to our fire,” said Travis Croxton, owner of Rappahannock restaurant.”

Unfortunately, we see this all too often. Having your kitchen grease filters and hood system cleaned by third party duct cleaning contractors can be costly, time consuming, done improperly or not frequent enough which can all lead to fires, no insurance and or fines. Standard grease filters only stop 30-40 % of grease.

Installing Shepherd Filters however helps to capture up to 98% of airborne grease before it enters the system. It is fire protective, saves you money, saves on water and chemicals, is sustainable and biodegradable and extremely easy to install.