Since installation of Shepherd Filters around 6 months ago in Bistro 534 at the Gaythorne RSL, we have noted they capture a significant amount of grease.

Some filters require less changing than others, and the staff find filter changes quick and easy. The filter change chart is very helpful to know when to change which filters.

It’s great to see the system being kept cleaner on the inside, and future maintenance is reduced.

The customer service from installation to training and ongoing supply from the Shepherd Filters team has been great.

kitchen grease filters Gaythorne rsl testimonial
Head Chef, Gaythorne RSL

It is fast and easy to change out the Shepherd Filters, keeping our exhaust clean and we save on labour costs 👌👌 ….. time is expensive and Shepherd Filters reduces this [cost] dramatically!


exhaust clean kitchen grease filter testimonial

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exhaust clean kitchen grease filter testimonial
Owner, Amici Restaurant Pizzeria

The Shepherd Filters solution is of great benefit to The Kitchen simply because its streets ahead of any other filter system on the market. Shepherd Filters are way more efficient & cost effective than any other filter we have used in the past, and of course it’s great to support an innovative Australian product! We currently have 3 different Hospitality Training Colleges, providers of Commercial Cookery courses plus various other caterers and small food producers that use The Kitchen and it’s really positive outcome to be able to show the students the innovative Shepherd Filters way of extracting airborne grease generated from their cooking procedures.

kitchen grease filters testimonial by the kitchen

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kitchen grease filters review by the kitchen
WA Food Ambassador, The Kitchen

The Shepherd Filters solution has been of great benefit to our McDonald’s restaurant because it has minimised down time when cleaning kitchen grease filters and hoods resulting in more productivity in the restaurant.


I would highly recommend Shepherd Filters because of the convenience and service.

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McDonalds productivity Testimonial kitchen grease filters
Manager, McDonald’s Gold Coast

The filters are so easy to change.

We previously spent a lot of time cleaning and washing so it’s a nice change to your filters.

We notice the grill filters have more grease but this is OK because the other filters seem to last longer.



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Disposable Kitchen Grease Filters
Head Chef, Coffee Club

As a business owner, I want to know our kitchen exhaust system is cleaner, and seeing the grease on the filters shows me what’s being stopped from going up inside the system.  Our staff find the filters easy to change, I was really surprised how long some of the filters last above the areas we use just for when busier.  We have quieter periods and busier times so it suits us.


kitchen exhaust system is cleaner
Owner, FinFresh Seafood Cafe

The changing of filters is faster and more time saving than our previous method of soaking, degreasing and washing of our filters. Previously we had outsourced cleaning of the hoods and ducts and fan quite frequently, but the stress of having to do this is now gone. We were spending significant time each night but now the changes are quick and easy to do.

McDonalds productivity Testimonial kitchen grease filters
Manager, McDonald’s Sydney

In 2017 our business experienced a situation whereby our exhaust fan fins broke away from the motor and therefore without a functioning exhaust fan or hood, we were forced to close the restaurant until a temporary solution was installed and eventually all repairs could be carried out (3 nights trading). Our costs:


· Failed equipment replacement costs
· Labour costs associated with all repairs
· Staff wages
· Repair assessment costs
· 3 days of lost income


Estimated Total Losses $30,000 (approx.)


As a partner/owner of a busy restaurant (Thredbo Burger Bar) we are aware of the overheads associated with our kitchen. Monthly expenses for filter exchange services plus the cost of flue cleaning twice a year mount up for any busy commercial kitchen. Add to these expenses the cost of all other cleaning materials, labour plus insurance premiums and you realise the annual costs to any business are significant. As business owners, we try to plan for all contingencies including loss of business and the opportunity to claim against equipment failure. However all these contingencies are useless unless you can prove that you have met all the conditions of the policy.


Because Shepherd Filters capture up to 98% of all airborne grease particles, we now consider Shepherd Filters as an essential element of our insurance policy mix. By installing and using Shepherd Filters in our exhaust hood system we eliminate the worry of fire in the flue and also ensure that our flue system meets with our policy prerequisites. Not only have we addressed all of these issues we have also significantly reduced the cost of cleaning the flue due to the vastly diminished volume of airborne grease entering the flue system. By installing Shepherd Filters in our kitchen and when combined with our insurance policy, we can assure ourselves of our insurance investment.

exhaust fan thredbo burger bar
Partner/Owner, Thredbo Burger Bar

Shepherd Filters have supplied our McDonald’s restaurant with retrofitted filters during 2018. Their wool based filter and frame product retro fitted our existing hoods for vats and grills. These wool covers eliminated close to 100% grease from travelling up the hoods and fan units.

All work completed by Shepherd Filters is to a high standard with a pleasing end result. Staff and maintenance staff noticed a difference when these filters were fitted in the restaurant straight away. The filters are easy to change, fit and manage on a daily basis and was as cost-effective as completing ongoing duct cleaning.

Shepherd Filters are able to accommodate & work around the hours which suit our business with little to no interruption of our operation. They also provide ongoing support and hassle-free communication in regards to any questions. Supply was fast and efficient and I would recommend Shepherd filters to any business for safety and cleanliness of kitchen ducting.

McDonalds productivity Testimonial kitchen grease filters
General Manager, McDonald’s Family Restaurants Gold Coast

We have installed Shepherd Filters to many of our Kitchens in the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre and have been thrilled with the performance and the ease of changing them out.

The exhaust ducts remain almost grease free and we have cut right down on the frequency of our duct cleaning.

The staff at Shepherd Filters were easy to deal with and the training provided to our F&B chefs and stewards was very clear, precise and helpful.



Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Building Services Manager, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre