Shepherd Filters Disposable Grease Filters

We are a large privately-owned New Zealand Supermarket. We have one of the largest onsite, in store scratch bakeries, producing approximately 20,000 items per week with 25 staff. We have been using Shepherd Filters for the past 12 months and have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of build-up in our ducting system, so much so that our ducting cleaner has said that we could reduce from 6 monthly cleaning to yearly. This is a huge savings in our costs. We have also noticed an improvement in the efficiency of the extraction units, which has the flow on benefit of keeping better air quality in these areas and less consumption of electricity trying to suck dirty air through a sticky surface. There has also been a noticeable reduction of soils on the surrounding roof areas of the extractor vents. We are happy to provide a reference and have certainly benefited from its use.

Compliance Manager, New World Brookfield