The Copthorne Hotel in Wellington was having issues with kitchen duct cleaning and was taken aback with the costs involved in keeping the hood, ducting and fan clean. We knew there had to be a better way. Using Shepherd Filters kitchen grease filters, we found the three-monthly kitchen duct cleans could be extended to half-yearly and the half-yearly could be extended to an annual clean. Over time, the duct cleans have been dramatically reduced, which is saving the hotel an immense amount of money. The restaurant does an average 300 to 400 meals a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other benefits the head chef has noticed is in the noise level reduction within the kitchen, which the dining public were previously exposed to. As this is in the back kitchen, the noise levels have dropped quite dramatically. In the past, duct cleaners have set off the fire alarms in the middle of night, which created a huge headache for the hotel as it resulted in the evacuation of guests. With the requirement for duct cleans reduced, false alarms are a thing of the past. Very happy!


Exec. Chef/F&B Manager, Copthorne Hotel Wellington, NZ