Shepherd Filters have supplied our McDonald’s restaurant with retrofitted filters during 2018. Their wool based filter and frame product retro fitted our existing hoods for vats and grills. These wool covers eliminated close to 100% grease from travelling up the hoods and fan units. All work completed by Shepherd Filters is to a high standard with a pleasing end-result. Staff and Maintenance staff noticed a difference when these filters were fitted in the restaurant straight away. The filters are easy to change, fit and manage on a daily basis and was as cost-effective as completing ongoing duct cleaning. Shepherd Filters are able to accommodate & work around the hours which suit our business with little to no interruption of our operation. They also provide ongoing support and hassle-free communication in regard to any questions. Supply was fast and efficient and I would recommend Shepherd filters to any business for safety and cleanliness of kitchen ducting.

General Manager, McDonald’s Family Restaurants Gold Coast