2021 update – 3 and a half years on we couldn’t be happier with Shepherd Filters.  Our 18 year old fan recently blew up (because of age).  When the fan technicians replaced it, they asked me if I even used to turn the fan on, because it was just so clean.  Duct cleaners stop by to quote cleaning my system and they don’t know what to quote me because there is no grease inside my system, no cleaning is even required. It used to take us an hour and a half to wash our filters, now it takes us 10 mins if that to change the filter sheets.

2018 – We are very happy with our Shepherd Filters Solution. We love that its 100% biodegradable and such a better way of capturing grease. It only takes 5 minutes a week to change our filters and its made my life a lot easier as the last thing we want to do is wash frames and waste time.  The frame is nice and clean when we change the wool filter sheets. I even told my local council about them when they inspected our kitchen exhaust system last week as they were very impressed, and I recommended they tell everyone.

Owner, Harvest Café Bathurst