Owner, Ikamatua Hotel

Our Shepherd Filters are great, we change them only when they need it, and so easy for us.
Anyone can do it on our staff, and they just follow your guide.
Very happy with them and glad we heard about this method and wish we had years ago.

Owner, Boardroom Cafe Brisbane

We have had our Shepherd Filters in our system for 6 months. Since COVID, our business have been down by over 40% of office workers in the CBD. During this time, the filter exchange wanted to increase their fees and charge us 3 times what Shepherd Filters is costing us and we just didn’t understand…

Owner, Don’t Gnocc it

We are very happy with Shepherd Filters. We were paying over $300 a month for a canopy clean and filter exchange. Now this method allows us to control costs and its very easy for staff to change the sheets. I’ve recommended to other restaurant owners as I think it’s a better solution for grease and…