Engineering Manager, Ibis Styles

Its clear to see the grease being stopped by the Shepherd Filters.  We also are finding the frames are very clean when we change the filters, so there is peace of mind that most of the grease is now being stopped from entering our kitchen exhaust system.  We anticipate cost savings and the reduction of…


General Manager, Milky Lane Surfers Paradise 

Shepherd filters are the best solution for quick and easy maintenance of your duct filtration system. Their customer service and professionalism is exceptional, always willing to assist. Across our venues we have noticed a great reduction of grease build up in our ducts. The filters a very cost effective in the long run. Highly recommend…


Head Chef, Coffee Club

The filters are so easy to change.
We previously spent a lot of time cleaning and washing so it’s a nice change to your filters.
We notice the grill filters have more grease but this is OK because the other filters seem to last longer.

Group Head Chef, Rumpus Artisan Burgers

Our staff find Shepherd Filters very easy to change. You can easily see which filters need changing and when by simply following the filter change guide, and being a very busy burger outlet, we see a lot of grease being stopped from entering our kitchen exhaust system. We have been able to reduce the frequency…

General Manager, Whangamomona Hotel NZ

We love this product! Our hotel pushes out over 100 meals on our busy nights and the Shepherd Filters are loved by our chefs/cooks! It has saved us so much extra time cleaning which in return saves us money! They are great quality & the team at Shepherd Filters have been nothing but helpful and…