Shepherd Filters is the ultimate solution for every commercial kitchen operation. Please see the comparison below and get in touch with us today. The choice is yours.



Filter exchange/ cleaning = costly

Filter exchange/ cleaning done too frequent or not enough

Filters stop only 20 – 30% of grease allowing too much to pass through into the hood/ canopy/ duct/ fan causing costly cleaning

Hood/ duct cleaners do a poor/ inadequate job causing grease build up resulting in costly cleans and fire risk

Water/ chemical/ labour to self clean filters

No interruptions to cooking staff

Harmful to environment

Dishwasher maintenance/ break downs if used to wash filters

Fire risk – Insurance void and non complient

Grease on fan = maintenance cleaning, excess load/ unbalanced fan failure = lost income

filters cleaned not frequent enough during holiday and busy periods? Too frequent during slow periods?

Unsightly grease dribbles in canopy/ hood

Filters need replacing from wear & tear

Non compliant to new Australian Standards

Capture up to 98% of grease before it enters the kitchen exhaust

Only do filters when needed

Reduced hood/ canopy/ duct/ fan cleans

Reduced odours

Environmentally friendly


Renewable/ support Australian farmers

Protect from false poor cleans

Protect fans = stay clean

Reduced staff labour

Simple throw in rubbish

Takes 2-5mins

kitchen exhaust grease duct cleaning fan