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There are a few considerations that affect filter usage and change frequency, like your:

Operating Hours — are you open 24 hours or only at certain times? Busier during the holidays?

Cooking Style and Volume — are you cooking hundreds of fast-food burgers, seafood, gourmet dishes or sushi? Catering for a 300-seat bistro or an intimate fine-dining restaurant?

Equipment — each cooking apparatus emits different levels of airborne grease. Hood size also plays a role.

Shepherd Filters stop up to 98% of airborne grease, compared to only 30-40% by traditional metal filters.

Although changing may be more frequent for some filters, it is very likely to be less for others, it takes just a few minutes a day.

Save money on labour, water, and chemicals.

Your tracks, hood, duct, and fan will thank you, too!

Reduce your fire risk and spread the costs with Shepherd Filters!

Quick and easy, changing Shepherd Filters is a welcome alternative to degreasing filters. With grease build-up heavily-reduced between cleans, the list of benefits for disposable kitchen grease filters are plentiful:

When used according to the Filter Change Guide, metal filters will stay clean, therefore eliminating the need for filter cleaning altogether!

It is essential to change filters on time to ensure the frames and exhaust system stay clean and remember:

Do not attempt a filter change until cooking equipment has cooled down or whilst cooking equipment is turned on and hot.

change filters when equipment is cool or off