What are Shepherd Filters made of?

Shepherd Filters are disposable kitchen grease filters made from 100% wool. Wool is naturally flame resistant and bio-degradable and therefore, safe to dispose of in your regular waste bin! Wool is the obvious choice for anyone concerned about the environment (and much safer to use than cleaning chemicals).

Can the Shepherd Filter fit into an existing hood?

Yes, filters are designed to retrofit to existing kitchen hoods.

What impact does this present to food safety or finished food product?

In terms of food safety, as the Shepherd Filter has no real direct contact at all with the food produced, there would be no risk.

What impact does this have on the existing hood certification and insurance coverage?

Based on the relative position of the filter in the hood and the Shepherd Filters construction, the use of the UL listed grease filters in an existing hood will not alter the hoods function, operation, or infringe on the certification of the existing hood.

In the event of fire, what liability impact does this have for the restaurant?

Our product has been tested, listed and certified to all or more of the same standards that your current metal filters have been subjected to. With that said, the liability should not change at any level.

Will I still need to have my kitchen exhaust ducts cleaned regularly?

If the Shepherd filters are maintained properly, you will experience much cleaner kitchen exhaust duct and canopy, and kitchen duct cleaning will be greatly reduced.

Do Shepherd Filters disposable kitchen grease filters have or meet the Relevant Certifications?

  • AS 1668.2 E6 Kitchen Exhaust Hoods Incorporating Grease Removal Devices
  • NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations
  • UL1046 Flame Test


Shepherd Filters Disposable Grease Filters

Shepherd Filters is proud to be a Member of IKECA and AIRAH

Shepherd Filters Disposable Grease Filters IKECA

Here is a guide on when to change your disposable kitchen grease filters.

Shepherd Filters Disposable Grease Filters

*Times may vary due to hours used per day and types of cooking.

Shepherd Filters is the result of many years of development, receiving the UL 1046 standard in 2006, as well as AS1668 and NFPA 96. Shepherd Filters is patented in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. It is protected in numerous countries due to the specific natural formula of the product in regards to weight and loft. This formula optimises the capture and containment of grease particles without a restriction of airflow to the exhaust hood system.