Lorenzo Cintor, Chef, Ripples Milsons Point Sydney

“Changing the filters is really easy, we just change before we switch everything on, all of our staff follow your recommended filter change schedule on the wall so no disruptions to our preparation time as we are super busy.  The frames are clean when we change the filter, and we just throw the used wool filters in the bin so yes its very simple system.  I’ve actually notice that our ducts are cleaner and that’s because we can see how much grease is there on the wool filters, so yes we can see how much grease is stopped from entering the ducting.”

Christopher Ringrose, Owner, Harvest Cafe Bathurst

“We are very happy with our Shepherd Filters Solution.  We love that its 100% biodegradable and such a better way of capturing grease.  It only takes 5 minutes a week to change our filters and its made my life a lot easier as the last thing we want to do is wash frames and waste time.  The frame is nice and clean when we change the wool filter sheets.  I even told my local council about them when they inspected our kitchen exhaust system last week as they were very impressed, and I recommended they tell everyone.”

Jo Calvaresi, Owner, Fasta Pasta

“I found the wool filters very easy to change and was amazed at how much grease they stopped.  I can absolutely see all grease was stopped from going into my exhaust system no doubts.”


Gary Dutton, Owner, Seafood Town

“We are really happy with our Shepherd Filters.  As soon as we were told about this system, it immediately made sense to us.  We use very high quality products and oil and being the largest fish and chip shop in this area with hundreds of customers especially on a weekend, we want to know that our system is staying clean.  Our staff find the filters really easy to change.”

Demian, Executive Chef, Flat White

“I am happy to say the Shepherd Filters are worth every cent. We have just had a new extraction hood fitted and are very impressed with the lack of grease build up. They are easy to change and definitely save on labour.”

Colchester General Manager, El Guaca Mexican Grill

“Since installing Shepherd Filters, our system has been kept perfect throughout. I have inspected it myself a number of times thinking I will find grease in the ducting and inside the canopy due to the cooking we do, but it’s still perfect, 100% clean. It’s the best filter we have ever had as the others got very greasy, which meant we had to clean them 2 or 3 times a week and a couple of weeks after the deep cleans it was already getting greasy again. This saves us money on deep cleans and hours cleaning the filters during the week. We are very happy to recommend it!”

General Manager, Barnacle Bill

“I run a very busy fish & chipper in Adelaide, and we used to have our ducting and canopy behind the filters cleaned every 6 months and the filters changed every month. Since getting the Shepherd Filters nearly 7 months ago, we only need to have the disposable filters removed and changed every 6 weeks. The ducting and canopy area behind the filters is still as clean as it was 7 months ago. I am pleased I went ahead with this product as it is not only saving me money, but also the inconvenience and hassle of the duct cleaning. I would be happy to recommend this product to others in the industry or anyone with a commercial kitchen.”

Manager, Greencap NAA

“Based on the cleanliness of the kitchen exhaust system pre and post-trial, we have determined that the Shepherd Filters have effectively maintained the cleanliness of the downstream internal surfaces of the kitchen exhaust system. If the entirety of the kitchen exhaust system was in a visibly clean condition and the Shepherd Filters installed and maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is likely that the cleanliness of the downstream internal surface of the entire system would remain free from excessive oil and grease buildup for several years.”

Michelle, Compliance Manager, New World Brookfield

“We are a large privately owned New Zealand Supermarket. We have one of the largest onsite, in store scratch bakeries, producing approximately 20,000 items per week with 25 staff. We have been using Shepherd Filters for the past 12 months and have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of build-up in our ducting system, so much so that our ducting cleaner has said that we could reduce from 6 monthly cleaning to yearly. This is a huge savings in our costs. We have also noticed an improvement in the efficiency of the extraction units, which has the flow on benefit of keeping better air quality in these areas and less consumption of electricity trying to suck dirty air through a sticky surface. There has also been a noticeable reduction of soils on the surrounding roof areas of the extractor vents. We are happy to provide a reference and have certainly benefited from its use.”

Don, President, Don’s Grill

“We installed Shepherd Filters’ grease filters in our kitchen about a year ago. Since then there has been a big decrease in the amount of grease getting into the exhaust vent duct and fan, making it easier to clean the entire hood system. Without the 100% wool Shepherd Filters, there was grease leaking out from the roof fan and getting onto the building roof. We no longer have any grease on our roof or in the exhaust fan grease trap. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who cares about excess grease getting into their hood system and onto their roof.”

Ann-Marie & Ryan, General Managers, Father’s Office

“Father’s Office has been using the Naturalsorb/Shepherd Filters since 2011. We have used many types of air filters and they caused air flow issues in the kitchen and we had to remove them. Naturalsorb/Shepherd Filters do not create air flow problems and work really well. In 5 years we have had no problems with Naturalsorb/Shepherd Filters and our roofs are in great condition also. Naturalsorb/Shepherd Filters have been installed at both of our locations and are easy to use and replace. We searched for a long time to find a solution to keep our hood cleanings at a minimum. The only product that works is Naturalsorb/Shepherd Filters. We cook over 6,000 lbs of meat per week, and are very happy with the results and the money savings these filters have provided.”

Bert, General Manager, Turtle Cove Beach Resort

“We have received the Kitchen Hood Filter screens and installed them. I think it is the easiest and best way to catch the oil going up in the kitchen exhaust duct. No more grease hood cleaning needed, accompanied with high cost to get professionally cleaned. The filter pads are very easy to insert and there is no cleaning mess. When they have fully absorbed, just take them out and dispose, then insert the new filter pads. No more oil dripping, no more oil residue in the duct and fan that can lead to a fire. Thank you again for your help and service.”

General Manager, Kilted Kangaroo

Shepherd filters have been a great way for us to cut down on time given over to extraction cleaning while maintaining great standards of safety and cleanliness. The ability to capture airborne grease at the point of creation and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way is a major bonus in terms of efficiency and potentially the lifespan of the system.

Brad, Brads Burgers Scarborough

“It’s really handy in the fact you can just do it yourself, quick and easy. We were often chasing up the filter company and they can’t get around to you before open times, so our service was disrupted when they would sometimes come in the middle of lunch. This way our staff change before we turn the kitchen appliances on and we can control it.”

Ying Lu, Owner Café 389 Scarborough

Thank you for our Shepherd Filters system. It was really easy for me to change the filter sheets and your installation support has been wonderful. I was concerned about the state of our ducting, so now having a clean system is very important to me as a business owner, and the grease being captured shows the filters are doing their job.

Dale Tait, Executive Chef, The Belvedere

I’m really happy with Shepherd Filters. They stop grease and the inside of our hoods are noticeably cleaner, our tracks are alot less greasy and our staff find the change schedule easy to follow in our large kitchen. The wool allows proper extraction but stops the grease.
We are happy with the result.


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