Kitchen exhaust cleaning industry news is virtually invisible unless that is, services are either not performed properly or at all. Every year, commercial kitchen fires that do make the news are the cause of millions of dollars of damage. What makes this industry so unique is that there can be a life and death difference. Kitchen duct cleaning is directly tied to fire, health and safety. If commercial kitchens are not properly and regularly maintained and serviced, the risk of a kitchen fire increases dramatically. A fire in the kitchen exhaust system can devastate a business through the loss of business, property and life.

The good news however, is that regulations for the industry are continuously evolving and kitchen duct cleaning technology is changing as well. The industry is finding itself at a turning point, with innovations like Shepherd Filters coming to the market and improving kitchen hood cleanliness in an environmentally friendly way as well as reducing the risk of fire. Read our news updates to find out the latest!

kitchen ducts extraction grease build-up

Kitchen Ducts and the Invisible Enemy

Whilst kitchen ducts may be out of sight, they should never be out of mind as grease build-up in commercial extraction systems is one of the most common causes of fire & other safety concerns within the foodservice industry.

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Disposable kitchen grease filters get results

Disposable Kitchen Grease Filters Get Results

Methods for managing and removing grease from hood systems have remained essentially the same for well over 100 years. Rapid grease build-up is a fundamental characteristic in commercial kitchen hood and exhaust systems. Until only recently it’s been all but inescapable.

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disposable hood grease filters get results

Disposable Hood Grease Filters Results

Our disposable hood grease filters capture up to a near-perfect 98% of airborne grease before it reaches the kitchen exhaust system. We’d like to share some photos to show you just how effective Shepherd Filters can be are reducing both your routine cleaning costs and

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