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Each year a large number of kitchen grease fires occur in commercial kitchens, many of which result in extensive damage to property and business interruption to the income. It may also cause injury or loss of life.

Managing these risks are crucial. Not only can you destroy your business, but the landlord’s building if leasing, or neighbouring buildings causing you to be liable if you have not taken responsibility for making your kitchen safe. Ultimate protection comes from being insured for Fire, Business Interruption and Public/Products Liability, yet premiums vary according to how the risk is presented. As a result, Insurers are extremely fussy about these types of risks, whether they will accept them or not depends on the following:

Managing these risks is essential to reduce the chance of loss and an interruption, not just to your business, but your neighbours as well.

Insurance is a great way to transfer the risk away, but factors affecting the premiums are based on the probability of a loss and the more we can seek to reduce the chance of a loss, the cheaper the premiums for all the good risks.

Prevention is better than a cure and this where the Shepherd Filters solution comes into play, by dramatically reducing the amount of grease entering your kitchen exhaust systems. You will have a cleaner, better operating and safer kitchen exhaust system, daily.

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Benefits of SHEPHERD FILTERS disposable kitchen grease filters