Metal kitchen grease filters only stop between 20-40% of airborne grease, allowing the rest to pass through into the hood/canopy, duct and fan. This results in ongoing costly cleans as well as the potential for premature equipment failure.


The Shepherd Filters disposable wool filter media provides the best solution. Capturing up to an impressive 98% of airborne grease before it enters your kitchen exhaust system, Shepherd Filters virtually eliminate the need to clean filter frames in-house or through a filter exchange company. This equates to a cleaner system year-round, saving you time and money as well as reducing your risk of fire.

Kitchen Grease Filters Explained: Restaurant Exhaust Safety

Kitchen grease filters are one of the first lines of defence for restaurant safety. Kitchen grease is highly flammable, therefore replacing and maintaining a restaurant’s grease filters is an important step in reducing the risk of kitchen grease fires.

Most people think of grease as a liquid, but grease can also travel by vapours and smoke. If the exhaust effluent is properly filtered, a large percentage of this grease is removed from the air stream. This not only greatly reduces the amount of grease that will stick to the inside of the kitchen exhaust hood, it also reduces the risk of a grease duct fire and the need for kitchen exhaust cleaning.

disposable kitchen grease filters explained
Disposable Kitchen Grease Filter Change
Disposable Kitchen Grease Filter Change

Kitchen Grease Filters Explained: Installation Process

Shepherd Filters are easily installed and offer a time- and money-saving solution. Our filters are easy for staff to change and are disposed in the regular waste bin within minutes.


  • 100% naturally fire-retardant wool
  • 100% disposable and biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly
  • Only change the filters that need changing
  • Change our filters before you turn equipment on or at end of day clean down once equipment has cooled, and you will never be disrupted again!


Hundreds of satisfied customers from Australia and all around the world have found these disposable kitchen grease filters easy to use. They are have seen first-hand how Shepherd Filters really do capture up to 98% of the grease particles before they enter the kitchen hood system and require cleaning!



Shepherd Filters come as pre-cut sheets in all standard sizes to use with a specially designed frame, making the filters easy to use.


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 96 is the standard for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations.

Below we have listed some of their fire safety codes described in NFPA Code 96, specifically for kitchen grease filters:

  • Listed kitchen grease filters, listed baffles, or other listed grease removal devices for use with commercial cooking equipment shall be provided.
  • Listed kitchen grease filters and grease removal devices that are removable but not an integral component of a specifically listed exhaust hood shall be listed in accordance with UL 1046.
  • Mesh filters shall not be used unless evaluated as an integral part of a listed exhaust hood or listed in conjunction with primary kitchen grease filters in accordance with UL 1046.
  • Kitchen grease filters shall be listed and constructed of steel or listed equivalent material.
  • Kitchen grease filters shall be of rigid construction that will not distort or crush under normal operation, handling, and cleaning conditions.
  • Kitchen grease filters shall be arranged so that all exhaust air passes through the grease filters.
  • Kitchen grease filters shall be easily accessible and removable for cleaning.
  • Kitchen grease filters shall be installed at an angle not less than 45 degrees from the horizontal.


This dramatic reduction of grease entering the kitchen exhaust hood system brings immediate savings in reduced labour costs of ongoing baffle filter washing, reduces the number of necessary kitchen hood cleanings, roof damage costs, and provides energy savings from cleaner rooftop equipment.


The overall result of the Shepherd Filters disposable oil and grease filters is less hassle and money savings for a commercial cooking operation. With the reduction of filter cleans, kitchen hood cleaning and the energy savings this attracts Shepherd Filters are being installed all over Australia and across the Globe, including New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, UK, Europe and the Middle East.


Shepherd Filters disposable kitchen grease filters are made from 100% fire-retardant and bio-degradable wool.


Shepherd Filters frames are made from high quality stainless steel and are designed specifically for ease of handling with kitchen exhaust systems. Our frames have easy-to-grip fold down handles and clamps to keep the face frame firmly attached for the wool filter.