Aims & Limitations of Filter Exchange

Filter exchange is a traditional method of filter cleaning for commercial kitchens. We discuss the purpose, aim and costs of this service in the video below. We also look into some important factors and alternatives that commercial businesses should consider in order to make the right decision that best suits their business needs and budget.

Filter exchange typically is done for all filters and sometimes this can be too frequent (wasting money) or not frequent enough, causing dirty systems and load on fans. Often filter exchange companies arrive during service time and this in itself can be disruptive, and sometimes they can’t make it! This means filters stay dirty or staff need to find the time to clean them….


Kitchen hood cleaning for staff can be risky with injuries that occur while cleaning kitchen exhaust filters and equipment can be damaged when used to stand on to reach the grease filter hoods.

Filter exchange services can be expensive, especially for smaller commercial kitchens, so the option of cleaning kitchen grease filters in-house can seem like an attractive alternative. Should you install kitchen grease filters incorrectly however, it can lead to duct-work contamination:

filter exchange may be too infrequent leading to duct cleaning

This can result in a higher risk of fire and/or repair & maintenance issues. Kitchen exhaust cleaning with hot water and chemicals can also create an unsafe work environment for your staff and used without correct procedures, can even result in injury and damage to equipment. If the staff are not trained with the correct procedures, you risk the potential for your insurance claims to be denied.

Disposable kitchen grease filters work three times harder and will be your best defense against a restaurant exhaust inspection infringements or fines. Insurance claims are commonly rejected if grease hood filters, canopies or the exhaust system have not been properly cleaned and maintained. Avoid this by installing Shepherd Filters!

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