The Ultimate Protection Against Kitchen Grease

Shepherd Filters are helping small, medium and large restaurant operations, hotels, resorts and fast food chains all over the world to save money and reduce their fire risk with an easy-to-use disposable kitchen grease filters solution.

Made from 100% fire-retardant wool, Shepherd Filters are complimentary to your insurance policy by mitigating your risk of fire whilst also dramatically reducing the need for costly filter and kitchen duct cleaning regimes.


Would you like to make sure you aren’t wasting money on kitchen grease filter and exhaust system cleaning if there’s a better way?

Does grease filter cleaning happen enough or too frequently (some filters need more cleaning than others, so why do them all at the same rate)?

How clean is your kitchen exhaust, is your routine kitchen duct cleaning being done according to standards?

Are you at risk of your insurance claim being rejected in the event of a fire due to irregular or improper kitchen hood cleaning?

Traditional Kitchen Hood Vs Disposable Kitchen Grease Filters
KITCHEN GREASE FILTERS - Current Method VS Shepherd Filters Method


Metal kitchen grease filters allow grease vapours to enter the hood. At their most effective, they will still only capture 20 to 40% of the kitchen grease. On the other hand, Shepherd Filters disposable kitchen grease filters capture up to 98% of the grease before entering the kitchen hood exhaust system. This greatly reduces the grease build-up that enters the plenum, duct work, fans, and roofs, minimising the risk of a catastrophic fire.

Shepherd Filters are quick and easy to install and can be disposed of in seconds.

Changing a wool filter is dramatically more straightforward in comparison to taking apart an exhaust hood to clean grease build-up.

Shepherd Filters capture the grease before it enters the exhaust system, reducing the grease build-up within and decreasing the risk of fire.

Airborne grease is heavily reduced from entering the kitchen hood exhaust system, offering immediate savings by dramatically decreasing both the labour costs associated with cleaning metal grease filters and the number of kitchen duct cleans.

Decreasing the current filter cleaning schedule along with fewer grease hood and duct cleans greatly reduces the amount of water and chemicals being used to maintain a clean kitchen exhaust system.

Save energy with a cleaner kitchen exhaust system, rooftop fans, HVAC and other rooftop equipment results in more efficient operation of the equipment, not to mention less maintenance. Wool is also a renewable natural resource.

Shepherd Filters are made from 100% wool. The filter media is carbon-neutral and will break down in landfill. In today’s world we all need to do our part to help the environment.


happy disposable kitchen grease filters customers
Shepherd Filters Disposable Grease Filters
Shepherd Filters Disposable Grease Filters
Shepherd Filters Disposable Grease Filters