Aged Care College Case Study

Case Study

This case study found that aged care, college, and university facilities were experiencing grease accumulation in their kitchen exhaust and poor quality cleans by kitchen exhaust cleaners. This was wasting their money, leaving them with increased fire risk and a non-compliant system. They continued with expensive cleans to meet their obligations for compliance, not knowing there were other options to get them a better outcome and could save them a lot of money.

This case study must note that Shepherd Filters capture up to 98% of the grease at the filter, and unless we can get the system clean, then our product is not the solution for pre-existing grease build-up. The client was keen to see the disposable kitchen exhaust filters work and have a solution, so Shepherd Filters worked with the customer as follows.





A very happy customer who is now reduced their costs and risk of fire. With a true solution in place and a happy customer not wasting their money as previously. Shepherd Filters is a value for money solution.



The client asked us to inspect their recent kitchen exhaust clean prior to the installation of Shepherd Filters solution. We found that ONLY the canopy was being serviced and costing the customer a lot of money considering the grease levels were low to moderate.

The ducts and canopy were being ‘serviced’ every 4 months costing $500 each time, over $2000 a year. The current method of filter exchange was changing some filters that did not need to be changed and costing them over $700 a year, leaving them with a dirty system where historic grease remained:

SHEPHERD FILTERS disposable kitchen grease filters results

These photos show a fire risk and depending on the wording on the certificate of works and all sorts of fine print the ultimate responsibility is on the restaurant owner.

This problem did not just happen since the last clean, this is years of neglect. You can see above how none of the ducting has been touched beyond what the customer can see. Shepherd Filters recommended the client ask the duct cleaners to return before the invoice was paid and they did return.

We recommended before photos which match quotes of work being said is necessary, that a further before and after photo report be obtained to provide any further access required or missed areas reported in writing.

We also recommended they must provide a current certificate of insurance including the date, location, and ABN details.


The Shepherd Filters solution was recommended for the client to have peace of mind and avoid this ongoing problem, as well as to stop up to 98% of future grease from entering the kitchen exhaust system and protect the areas which had been cleaned. Now with the system cleaned, Shepherd Filters was installed, and staff trained in 10 minutes.

Various filters last on average between two weeks to over a month, depending on the equipment such as grill, fryer, or combi ovens beneath. Staff change filters in just minutes each day. In Emmanuel’s case, filters last a month.


SHEPHERD FILTERS disposable kitchen grease filters in action


SHEPHERD FILTERS disposable kitchen grease filters results

12 months later, the internal walls of the duct above the canopy and the ductwork leading back to the fan unit were showing minimal grease levels, under 2mm which meets Australian guidelines.

before and after SHEPHERD FILTERS disposable kitchen grease filters

YEARLY SAVINGS = approximately $1000+ a year (and a cleaner system 365 days a year

“We are now reducing costs and the hood was in excellent condition inside because you can see the grease being stopped at the filter. The filters are definitely paying off and we are saving money.”

Executive Chef, Emmanuel College

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