Cleaning Company Sued after Kitchen Fire

kitchen grease fire results in duct cleaning company being sued

A commercial, domestic, residential and specialist cleaning company is being sued for more than £1.75m by the Red Grill House. How it could all be avoided with these two tips.

Wool – The Right Fibre for the Job

wool is flame resistant or fire retardant

Wool’s flame-resistant properties make it an ideal fibre for kitchen grease filtration, helping to reduce the risk of fire spreading. Learn more!

Shepherd Filters Commitment to Quality

SHEPHERD FILTERS disposable kitchen grease filters come in packs of 50

At Shepherd Filters, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, and one key aspect of this commitment is our rigorous testing process, ensuring that our product is made from 100% wool.

A Proven Cycle Worth Adopting

Proven cycle stop grease reduce risk save money

A proven cycle, when one good thing starts happening, other good things naturally follow:


Kitchen Ducts and the Invisible Enemy

kitchen ducts extraction grease build-up

Whilst kitchen ducts may be out of sight, they should never be out of mind as grease build-up in commercial extraction systems is one of the most common causes of fire & other safety concerns within the foodservice industry.