Commercial Kitchen Grease Build-Up: Solving a Long-Term Issue

kitchen ducts and grease build-up can cause commercial kitchen fire risk between cleans

Despite the compelling evidence that grease build-up in kitchen exhaust systems presents serious fire hazards, the message doesn’t seem to be getting through.

Grease build-up in kitchen exhaust systems is not always given the attention it demands because ducting from the kitchen canopy often runs hidden behind ceilings and walls. Until a fire occurs, there may be no other clear signs of danger. 

We are often shocked at how many establishments still don’t prioritize the management of grease build-up in their commercial kitchen; the costs of not doing so in terms of business disruption, damage to reputation, danger to the public and staff – not to mention the legal implications – can be substantial.

Legislation, standards, and insurance requirements thus impose strict regulations on kitchen exhaust hoods including regular inspections, routine maintenance, and duct cleaning.

Apart from the safety and health benefits, improved productivity through more comfortable staff – and reduced energy bills from clean fans and ducts – can also contribute to the bottom line ($$$).

It is, however, a double-edged sword, as the routine duct cleaning is also a substantial expense for commercial operators. Savings made are ultimately “eaten up” again (pardon the pun) when the next clean falls due.

What’s worse, grease build-up between scheduled cleans occurs. This accumulation between cleans can mean the kitchen rises to a level of risk yet again:

grease build-up between cleans

How can owner/operators minimize their fire risk between cleans?

This has been a long-term problem faced in commercial kitchens since day dot as metal kitchen grease filters only intercept between 20-40% of the grease from getting into the rest of the system. Since 2016, Shepherd Filters has been working with businesses large and small around the globe to:

Shepherd Filters work three times harder than conventional metal filters, to stop up to 98% or grease from contaminating your hood. This equates to a cleaner system all year round, reducing your filter and duct cleaning costs by over 80%!

Contact us to see if the Shepherd Filters solution is right for your business too!

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