A Proven Cycle Worth Adopting

Proven cycle stop grease reduce risk save money

When it comes to commercial kitchen exhaust hood maintenance, there’s one cycle worth adopting. When one good thing starts happening, other good things naturally follow!

The proven cycle refers to a positive feedback loop where efforts to stop grease build-up leads to a reduction in fire risk, resulting in cost savings. Here’s how:


SHEPHERD FILTERS work three times harder than traditional metal kitchen grease filters alone. These disposable kitchen grease filters stop up to 98% of airborne grease at the source of the problem.

With majority of the grease being captured at the source, metal filter frames stay clean, which means the rest of your kitchen ventilation system stays clean too!

Not only do you save on filter frame cleaning/exchange, but you also save on the frequency and complexity of routine duct cleaning (bonus)!

By preventing grease build-up overall, you ensure that the kitchen exhaust system functions efficiently, maintaining optimal airflow and ventilation.

disposable kitchen grease hood filters in action proven cycle


Grease accumulation in kitchen exhaust systems is a significant fire hazard because grease is highly flammable. With a cleaner system all year round, your risk of fire is dramatically reduced, even between cleans

Clean and well-maintained kitchen grease filters and exhaust systems also contribute to compliance with local fire safety regulations and codes.

A safe kitchen environment not only protects against fire hazards but also reduces the risk of other safety issues, such as poor indoor air quality and the potential for carbon monoxide buildup.

award winning disposable kitchen grease filters product solution minimises fire risk in restaurants, motel and other commercial foodservice venues and protects the kitchen exhaust ventilation duct video


Using SHEPHERD FILTERS offers a reduction to both filter and duct cleaning costs by over 80%. Add in a reduction in fire risk, better compliance with safety regulations, an extension to equipment lifespan, and improved energy efficiency all contribute to overall cost savings for the commercial kitchen.

With less grease load, commercial kitchen operators can prevent unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs, avoiding the associated costs. Needless to say, a clean and well-maintained kitchen exhaust system operates more efficiently. Proper airflow ensures that the system doesn’t have to work harder than necessary, resulting in energy savings.

In summary, a proven cycle in the commercial kitchen exhaust system involves a continuous loop of preventive maintenance, reducing fire risk, enhancing safety, and saving money. By investing in SHEPHERD FILTERS, businesses create a positive cycle that promotes a safer environment, regulatory compliance, and long-term cost efficiency.

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