Macca’s First Fry-Thru for the FIFA Women’s World Cup

Pop-up Macca's featuring Shepherd Filters disposable kitchen grease filters

If you’ve ever wondered what a five-metre-tall version of Macca’s potato slices looked like then look no further!

A pop-up Macca’s shaped like a five-metre-tall packet of fries hit Sydney for the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup.

So move over golden arches, hello golden fries: that’s McDonald’s new makeover at its world-first fry-thru pop-up. Shepherd Filters are featured in this initiative, so if you’re wondering what a fry-thru is, that’s the term that Macca’s has coined to describe its new fries-focused restaurant, which made Tumbalong Park in Sydney’s Darling Harbour its home.

Macca's-Fry-Thru featuring Shepherd Filters disposable kitchen grease filters

We help businesses like McDonald’s to stop grease build-up, reduce their fire risk and save them money with a cleaner kitchen exhaust system, hood, rooftop fans, HVAC and other rooftop equipment.

This results in the more efficient operation of the equipment, less maintenance, and an environmentally-friendly way of managing grease build-up, a natural bi-product from cooking. 

The Shepherd Filters media are carbon-neutral and will break down in the landfill in weeks to less than one year depending on environmental conditions and this is due to its high nitrogen content. Aside from reducing the frequency of grease hood cleans, Shepherd Filters can help commercial kitchens to save on water and reduce the need for potentially harsh cleaning chemicals. In today’s world, we all need to do our part to help the environment.

If you would like more advice on how to keep your commercial kitchen exhaust system running smoothly, then contact us today.

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