Disposable Kitchen Grease Filters Get Results

Disposable kitchen grease filters get results

Methods for managing and removing grease from hood systems have remained essentially the same for well over 100 years. Rapid grease build-up is a fundamental characteristic in commercial kitchen hood and exhaust systems. Until only recently it’s been all but inescapable. Yet even today, it remains a serious management and safety dilemma.

The extraction of grease effluent into the kitchen exhaust creates a hazardous mess inside of the system, compromising HVAC hygiene, food safety and causing environmental problems. Accumulated grease also impairs the system’s operation and functionality, causing premature equipment failure and restricted airflow. Aside from being a biohazard that puts kitchen cleanliness and sanitation in jeopardy, this build-up creates a serious fire risk for operators, property owners, employees, insurers, and patrons alike.

commercial kitchen grease fire
disposable kitchen grease filters would prevent this build-up

Because of this, it’s essential that kitchen operators properly maintain their hood and exhaust systems in a clean condition. It’s so essential in fact that it’s mandated under a variety of safety regulations. Commercial kitchen operators must properly maintain their system in a safe, clean state, or risk fines, penalties, and even shut down orders from governing authorities. Keeping a system clean is an ongoing and costly exercise into the thousands of dollars annually, and include:

– Inspections

– Insurance

– Routine maintenance (duct cleaning)

– Repair services

– Replacement parts

– Kitchen grease filter cleaning/exchange


One of the first lines of defense for commercial kitchen safety, metal kitchen grease filters only trap between 20-40% of airborne grease. 

If not cleaned regularly, the trapped grease also starts to get extracted further into the exhaust system. 

There are two main cleaning options:

metal kitchen grease filter without disposable pre-filter

Cleaning grease filters using a filter exchange company:

Cleaning grease filters in-house:

Both methods include labour- and water-intensive, chemical-based cleaning processes administered by employees and/or professional cleaning services. Yet there is a third option:

award winning disposable kitchen grease filters product solution minimises fire risk in restaurants, motel and other commercial foodservice venues and protects the kitchen exhaust ventilation duct video

The Shepherd Filters solution is revolutionary within the kitchen exhaust & ventilation market by making it smarter, cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Compared to traditional metal grease filters, Shepherd Filters capture up to an impressive 98% of airborne grease!

This reduces the grease build-up that normally enters the plenum, ducts, fans, and roofs dramatically and in turn, minimises the risk of fires. Quick, easy to install and disposed of in seconds, changing Shepherd Filters is a welcome alternative to degreasing filters.

With grease build-up heavily-reduced between cleans, instant savings are made to:

Proudly Australian-made and HACCP approved, Shepherd Filters are made from pure fire-retardant wool that is 100% disposable and biodegradable. Yet nothing compares to actual results in businesses large and small that trust Shepherd Filters daily:

disposable kitchen grease hood filters in action proven cycle

Shepherd Filters stop you from having to guess when your system is dirty by changing colour. Users see first-hand the airborne grease that our product intercepts, which would otherwise travel through into the rest of the exhaust system.

When used in accordance with the supplied change guide, they will perform well, reduce your fire risk and ultimately, improve your exhaust system’s overall performance.

award winning sustainable disposable kitchen grease filters

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