Fire Safety is Just the Beginning for Disposable Hood Filters

benefits of disposable kitchen grease filters to farmers and NDIS

Dedicated to all Shepherd Filters customers, who not only reduce their fire risk by using disposable kitchen grease filters, they are also helping to support two important industries.

There are plenty of obvious benefits to using disposable wool kitchen grease filters, yet there are two in particular that deserve more attention. With every pack of Shepherd Filters that is shipped out, our customers are helping to support farmers and people with disabilities to get through another day with hope and determination.

Without our farmers, there would be no food on our plates, no clothes on our backs, and no bio-degradable hood filters to protect kitchen exhaust systems from fires for that matter! Shepherd Filters regularly contributes to organisations and charities, whose primary purpose is to provide support and assistance to the farming industry, including sheep farmers. Wool has a natural affinity for oils, making it a great choice for grease containment.

benefits of wool

Just like supporting farmers is part of our business ethos, so is supporting people with disability. We are very proud of our partnerships with for-purpose community organisations that have been providing NDIS employment, training and support to assist people with disability to find and maintain steady jobs. Their amazing team provides the following services to Shepherd Filters:

quality control at shepherd filters

Employment is a cornerstone for independence and improved life choices that not only benefits the person with a disability, but it also provides social and economic benefits for the entire community. These amazing individuals can provide new skills and bring a wealth of creativity and innovation. Your investment and trust in our product is helping us to:

Human potential realised!

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