Kitchen Extraction System Lessons that COVID has Highlighted

kitchen exhaust cleaning covid lessons

We all know the dangers that lurk when a commercial kitchen extraction system are overdue for a clean. The fire risk from a build-up of particles and grease can be catastrophic, yet there’s more to it. Covid has taught and reminded us all of the importance of hygiene across the board, especially within our kitchens.

In commercial kitchens, grease build-up within the ventilation system can actually be quite rapid. The amount of oil and grease used during cooking and frying will automatically be removed from the air through the extractor fans and vents. It is then within the kitchen extraction system that these vapours settle and accumulate, which is routine duct and filter cleaning is essential. Since Covid, it’s now more important than ever that we focus on cleaning each commercial kitchen extraction system more routinely in the fight against the spread of harmful pathogens.



Breeding Grounds For Bacteria

As kitchen extraction systems continue to do their job, the build-up of grease continues to mount. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Once this build-up occurs, it also means the extraction and ventilation system becomes far less efficient and ultimately far less able to thoroughly remove airborne grease. This results in the air within the kitchen becoming hot and laden with grease, but other potentially harmful vapours that may be within the vicinity. This makes the spread of any viral pathogens much easier. Not only will it now spread via the touchpoints we find ourselves cleaning multiple times throughout the day, but it will now spread rapidly through the air as the ventilation and extraction systems fail to do their job as effectively.

kitchen exhaust lessons from Covid

Take Control With Regular Cleaning

Systems that are not periodically inspected, maintained, or cleaned will be subject to a build-up of oil, grease, and other unhygienic materials within the duct, filters, gutters, and on the internal surfaces of the hood. Without properly cleaning your commercial kitchen extraction system thoroughly and regularly, you’re ultimately putting your staff and patrons at risk of breathing in contaminated air. Moreover, you are essentially preparing food in a contaminated space too.

Be Informed and Consider Alternative Solutions

If you are unsure what the filter and kitchen extraction system compliance measures are in your area, then there are kitchen exhaust system consultants that can help. Considerations should also be given to newer methods of grease management that have come to the market in recent years. Shepherd Filters can capture up to 98% of airborne grease right there at the filter, reducing the build-up and load on your kitchen extraction system. Being made from pure wool, Shepherd Filters are not only naturally fire-retardant, but the fiber also inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

disposable kitchen grease filters benefits

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