Grease Fire Rips through Restaurant Serious Repairs Needed

Kitchen Exhaust Fire

Fire statistics from Australia, the UK and the USA show that the ignition of cooking materials accounts for almost half of all commercial kitchen fires and almost all these fires (more than 90%) get into the kitchen exhaust system.

Kitchen Exhaust Grease Fire in London Shop

kitchen exhaust system fire

A fire that seems to have been caused by the ignition of grease within the kitchen exhaust system needed 10 fire engines and around 70 firefighters at a shop with flats above on Uxbridge Road in Shepherd’s Bush.

Wool in the Kitchen – Useful Facts Worth Considering

Benefits of wool in the kitchen SHEPHERD FILTERS disposable kitchen grease filters

There has been a lot of research in recent years with regards to indoor air quality and the benefits of healthy workspaces. As a result, wool is re-emerging as the preferred choice for many insulation and commercial use applications, including the kitchen!