Grease Fire Rips through Restaurant Serious Repairs Needed

Kitchen Exhaust Fire

A main street restaurant in Albury will be forced to close until considerable repairs to fire damage can be completed, police say.

Dean Street teppanyaki and sushi restaurant Zen X suffered considerable damage after a grease fire spread from a grill to the exhaust system according to The Border Mail.

Inspector Geoff Bills from Albury Police said the restaurant suffered considerable damage from the blaze that quickly spread through the building during Tuesday’s dinner service.

Grease Fire Zen X Restaurant

Statistics from Australia, the UK and the United States show that the ignition of cooking materials accounts for almost half of all commercial kitchen fires and almost all these fires (more than 90%) get into the kitchen exhaust system. 

Fire services and forensic investigators report many cases where, a small kitchen blaze has been spread well beyond the original source of the fire due to grease laden exhaust systems, causing major property damage and leading to significant business interruption. Worst case:

Even if one does comply with all terms and standards, the potential fire risk starts to increase again shortly after any recent duct cleans:

So how do you minimise your fire risk?

By stopping more of the grease from bypassing the kitchen exhaust filters in the first place.

Disposable kitchen grease filters work up to three times harder than traditional metal grease filters! Shepherd Filters stop up to 98% from entering the kitchen exhaust system. This equates to a cleaner system, year-round:

disposable kitchen grease filters from shepherd filters in action against fire and flame risk and reducing maintenance costs and great during covid

These bio-degradable wool filters significantly reduce the need to clean (or exchange) filter frames. The amount of grease entering your kitchen exhaust system is also minimised, leading to less frequent duct cleaning. Our patented stainless-steel frames are easy to use and come with the peace of mind that they are:

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